Thursday, May 12, 2011

Osunlade “Pyrography” (Preview Mix)_▒▒___(▒)(█)(░) ____________ ██____▒▒_____(░)(▒) _____________██__▓

"Pyrography" is the self proclaimed 'last house album' from Yoruba head Osunlade. Incorporating the signature Yoruba style, Pyrography effortlessly bridges the gap between electronic and organic. Braced with more vocal tracks than previous house albums, it showcases the musical diversity of label, taking in the recent underground monster 'Idiocyncracy', the infectious 'Envision' and the unmistakable Yoruba chant of 'Ser Al Santisimo'. Along with the stunning cover art, each track is accompanied by an artwork piece from renowned Pyrography artist Scott Marr making this a must for followers of the Yoruba label.


Pyrography by Osunlade
Osunlade "Pyrography"
01 A Day Without You
02 Envision
03 Im Happy
04 Idiosyncracy
05 Solemait?
06 ManOvWirz
07 No Way
08 Pheramones
09 Ser Al Santisima
10 The Distance
11 Walkin' In Paris
12 Yeku Yeku


As a is the album art designer for the cover


RonnyDepth said...

so raw. to bad its the last album

tamarawellons said...

To see this album and its process makes me smile. Beyond the music being incredible, the art is incredible.

Lonnie said...

i'm gonna pick up the album this weekend. like the mix. do you guys listen to his podcast? this was the last one i heard

FreeLance33 said...

just purchased this record. Go get it! It will change your day!

Alexandra said...

Just bought this album. It's incredible. I hope this isn't his last!