Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Afrobeat For Ya Soul! Featuring Sahel

As the summer heat is beating down on our bodies Afrobeat for Ya Soul is a cool breath of fresh air. Come and dance out your week with the sounds and vibrations of DJ UNDERDOG spinning upstairs and SAHEL performing live downstairs.

Sahel, a stretch of land between African desert and rainforest, is an ancient symbol of trade and travel where people from various continents have throughout time exchanged goods, ideas and cultures. Sahel is a band of musicians from diverse backgrounds who believe in honoring multicultural evolution by performing currently relevant music like Zouk, Mbalax, Samba, Reggae, and Salsa.

Lunchbox Theory Presents…

Afrobeat for Ya Soul!

Thursday June, 30 @9pm

Bossa Lounge

2463 18th St NW

DJ Underdog



Free face paint!

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