Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ISHE + HEZEKIAH project (in the studio) part 1 ▲ △▲ △

written by Nevill
iShe & Hezekiah are an experimental soulful duo composed of singer/songwriter ishe’ from san diego and producer/emcee/songwriter hezekiah from philadelphia. They created this project in 9 days with the help of producer/ drummer Steve Mckie and bassist Tone Whitfield. The project is out on Hezekiah’s own 3 Crates label and is available for $10 on Bandcamp.


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Anonymous said...

My boy Range is on this joint and I was happy to hear about that, but after going thru the playlist I'm so very proud that GOOD MUSIC hasn't let it self become a part of this wasteland of artist who don't have the formula for continued success and longevity. I pray more life into this project and send blessings to all who participated. Word ~ "O"