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Happy Winter Solstice!!!!►►►

Make your intentions for the new year (this process) and follow thru , so that we do not take the same challenges from season to season, from year to year
   Winter Solstice, occurring on December 21 
whispers the birth of the new solar year and the beginning of winter. The beauty of stillness envelops you. A time of quietness and inward reflections. A time of rest, relaxation, and meditation is the key to regeneration and renewing your life and organs. The days are much shorter than autumn days. We become more sensitive to light and more prone to depressions. We become more inward, more isolated and lethargic, and more susceptible to illness. It is important to be out and about as much when the sun is visible the most. Because sunlight is nutrient that has a catalytic effect on your body’s glands. Full Spectrum lights may provide some extra light to the body.
The sun would be moving into Capricorn) And the new moon would be on December 5th new moon in Scorpio, it ng this time she said cosmic energy would be released. And the main organ of focus would be the heart. Purification of the heart charka. So sing, share; use your hand to help others. So, this would be an excellent time to make some Kwanzaa gifts for family and friends and let everyone know how much you love and appreciate them. During this time the sun will sitting still so this is an excellent time to align with your higher self. Below is just some basic information about this time… So, take only what you need because the information is given from a pure heart.

Doing this time you will prepare the root soup and eat on it for 1-2-3-days until December 21st then you will start your 3-5-7-9 or 21 day fast. Some people would have already started before now. Some people started on December 11, or before then. Just be mindful that any time you are allowed to fast be clearly a blessing no matter how long or short the time may be. The body and spirit will appreciate. Make sure you have your unfinished business list to mark out what you have accomplished before the year-ends. And have all your upcoming desires, goals for 2010. Try to end and cut off all unproductive cycles and challenges so you will not take the same energy and situation into the new cycle…

The purpose of the root soup is to ground you to the earth. So that you can lay the necessary foundations of change and transformation. So, if you were only able to eat the soup for one day or 1 minute or 1 hour it is more about your intentions at this time. Below is the recipe for the root soup and the foods to balance out the lunar and solar beings

. Root Soup veggies Taro (Yutia) Yam (Name) Jerusalem Artichoke, Celeriac (Parsley Root) Cassava (Yucca) Batata, Sweet Bicolor corn, Rice Dream Milk, Black Sesame Seeds Veg all seasoning ... or any seasoning that has a mixture of spices where all the elements are present (air, fire, water, earth, ether) This ground provisions earth root foods are neutral in their nurturing effect on the solar-lunar balance of the human body-brain- mind. Their Bi-Polar nature helps build strong human nerve force to successfully cope with the unfamiliarity of Life's diverse crisis situations. These neutral virtues make them excellent transitional healing foods, if auspiciously eaten at any of the four lunar quarter crossroads. (The fours seasons) Keep in mind you can eat whatever fruits and veggies you like doing this fasting time. However these particular veggies and fruits, spices are for the solar and lunar constitutions that go with the root soup…

If you are doing a juice fast or then you would make a juice, tea or tonic using the veggies, fruit, herbs and spices. You can also take the culinary spices as herbal teas.
Solar Constitution Born March 22- September 21st (Solar/Yang/Masculine Energy - Lunar cooling foods that will calm, sedate the stomach, spleen, lung, colon, heart Fruits: Apples, Blackberries, Blueberries, Mulberries, and Pears Vegetables: Brussels Sprouts Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, turnips, tomatoes, celery, Nuts: coconuts, sunflower, and pumpkinseed Supplement: Spiraling Spices: allspice, cardamom, coriander, kudzu, lavender, mace, saffron, vanilla, caraway, cayenne, dill, kelp, tarragon, mint, seaweed, thyme, white pepper

 Lunar Constitution Born Sept 22- March 21st (Moon/Yin/Feminine Energy Solar heating foods that will stimulate, notify the stomach/spleen/lungs/heart, liver Fruits: Apricots, cherries, grapes, plums, and apples Vegetables: beets, carrot kale, chard, spinach, asparagus, leeks, and parsnips Seed liquids: walnuts, pistachio, and almonds Spices: anise, cadamon, cinnamon, clove, fennel, ginger, nutmeg, peppermint, basil, black pepper, cayenne, celery seed, garlic, fenugreek, marjoram, mustard, oregano, rosemary Fasting Protocol What do you plan to accomplish and cultivate spiritually before the year is up?
Spiritual Growth Steps- 1. Ask Permission from Creator, 2. Make Intentions, 3. Define true Purpose for Fast, 4. Do Forgiveness ritual, 5. Affirm your goals 6. Eat soup 7. Site Moon, 8. Start Fast. 9. Document your process (remember ego does not like documentation)

The first Principle of Healing Spiritually, Mentally, Emotional is Fasting. Fasting gives your spirit an opportunity to evolve, cultivate, recognize and explore its Destiny.
You are training you body and life force. Seasonal fasting techniques are a medium for you to cultivate and transform and transport energy. The year is divided into 9 40 day cycles-Dec 25th, Feb 9th, March 21st, April 30th, June 9th, July 18th, August 27th, October 6th, November 15th,
These times are also set up by seasons. Autumn Equinox, Winter Solstice, Spring and Summer Solstice. You must fast at all 4 cycles to be in balance and in tune with The Creator, You’re Self, Nature, Earth, and the Universes. So based upon when you are born - You are either governed by the sun or moon- meaning its source and power was more dominated during your birth cycle. And certain minerals and vitamins and life force energy was present or missing doing this time. And you would need to take in those provisions to balance your self out...Keep in mind there are thousands of Fasting techniques out there and you must use what ever you feel comfortable with. This process deals more with tapping in to the aspiciousness of the moment and time to bring balance then cultivation. Because our health and vibration must be stable, fluid, open, and receptive for transformation. However, when you do the same you get the same.... A good way to look at this is- we act and carry our self-a certain way because of families, jobs, mates, friends, society etc. But that is not our true self. That is our conditioned self. The mask that we wear to fit in gets along, keep the peace, get over, achieve our goals. Etc.

Organs to Focus On The heart- keep the heart light and loving during these dark times. Loving family and friends no matter what the interaction. Give freely and help others if you an able to without any financial stress or strain. Keep all interactions on a higher vibration. Do not create any new karma in dealing with family, friends, co -workers, or any business dealings etc. Kidneys- Protecting and strengthening the kidneys and adrenals glands, bladder skin, lungs and liver. These organs are important because they work harmoniously in the detect process t eliminate waste from your system. The kidneys filter blood to a balance between water and the body’s acidity level. They help your system keep the right amount of vitamins and minerals while helping to pull out elements like nitrogen, minerals, salts, and unwanted chemicals. Did you know that in one day the kidney filters thousands quarts of blood, of which approximately 160 quarts of fluid are extracted for one another filtering, process? When your kidney is not is stressed or weakened, their lack of energy ripples throughout your body. Your skin is forced to do double work to help with the elimination process, which causes rashes and other skin conditions to appear. One of the biggest challenges you will face during this time is stress. Stress whether its environmental, emotional, physical or spiritually. It places a great hardship on the adrenal glands (stress glands) and heart. The adrenal manufacture hormones such as adrenaline and cortical, a steroid known as the stress hormone.

Mineral deficiency
- Doing this time you are more prone to zinc deficiencies and copper overload. When this organ is too stressed it can no longer signal the liver to detoxify and excrete excess cooper through their protein escort known as ceruloplasmin. . Depressed adrenal functions can create various secondary symptoms such as chronic fatigue or exhaustion, low blood pressure, food or environmental allergies, low immune functions; hypoglycemia or diabetes; pms, or menopause difficulties, hot flash, irritability, weight gain, salt or sugar cravings and difficulties with sight. Clothing such be lose and layered natured materials. Avoid other blends because they do not allow the skin to breathe. Do keep your head and neck covered to protect body heat from escaping. . Water removes body heat at least twenty times faster than air. Exercise- select sports that are good for cardiovascular health. 3 days a week for 30 minutes. Indoor sports like yoga, tai chi stretching and toning. You must develop good sleep habits in bed by 10:00pm. Take more breaks from work and do more reading, listening to music, stretching, doing deep breathing, meditating and affirmations. . Food- since we are going into a time of stillness and rest. You food and diet should provide warmth so that your body’s energy is free to sustain body heat and immunity. It is important to consume warm teas and tonics, soups and lentils and beans, miso soup. And if you normally eat a raw diet make sure you allow some warmth in the body to be in balance. The food protocol listed below are just fruit and vegetables recommended during the winter months. They are to be eaten after the fasting time. Herbal support - Hawthorne- Berries - strengthen and protect the heart. Teas- Nettles- because it is rich in source of alkalizing minerals helpful in cleansing and adrenal support. Juniper berries- acts a diuretic and excellent for the bladder Marshmallow root - it is good for soothing mucous membrane irritation in the urinary tract. Ginger- stimulates glands to purify. Oils- Olive, flaxseed, sesame oil because they are high in a natural antioxidant known as sesame, resistant to oxidation. Horsetail- Beans- aduki, pinto beans, lentils, black beans. Eat more starchy veggies- burdock, acorn squash, parsnips, turnips, Jerusalem artichoke, yams, sweet potatoes, taro, yucca, Jamaica and other African and Caribbean root vegetables. Unlimited veggies raw or steamed low glycemic. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, celery, celeriac, eggplant, green beans, green leafy salad, mushrooms( boletus, chanterelle, morel, and shitake, greens (kale, collards, mustard, onions, chives, green, leeks, scallions, and parsley radish Fruits- pears, apples, cranberry, tangerines, Nuts- almond, cashews, coconut milk, hazelnuts, pecans, pine nuts, pistachio, pumpkinseeds, sesame seed and sunflower seeds. Grains- Kasha, whole grains, and sprouted breads, fiber rich foods are good for circulation.

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