Monday, November 12, 2012

Berber Exploitation ▼-▼ Morocco

Berber Exploitation - Morocco 
This documentary says it all. I hate the Moroccan government so much so i’m glad they made this doc. This is a perfect documentary for all you uneducated Moroccans (Africans).
For centuries the Berbers of Morocco have been persecuted by their Arab masters. Today even their festivals have been hijacked. Miriam is fighting to keep her language and culture, whilst fellow militant Zaid claims the Arabs have 'stolen our history.' Etched out of a beautiful, yet inhospitable and rugged land, stands Imichil, where the annual marriage market or Moussem des Fiances takes Place. It's here that the Arab government has turned an exclusive Berber celebration into a tourist fest. Shy young brides wander around the market in traditional veils as streetwise city slickers sell trinkets and souvenirs to dollar laden foreigners. The Arabs have encouraged the press to come and soak up the traditional atmosphere It's turned into objects of curiosity in the process. Hussein and his wife to be, were forced to attend the festival in order to obtain a marriage certificate. Fascinating look at a culture being silenced and yet exploited for its rich and colourful traditions.

Produced by ABC Australia
Distributed by Journeyman Pictures

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