Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Ancient Practice of QiGong and Tai Chi

QiGong (pronounced Chee-gung), was practiced in China as early as 500B.C.  As a main pillar in traditional chinese medicine today, QiGong helps to clear the body meridians of obstructions to health and restores the body's inner healing forces.  Taoist and Buddhist practice QiGong for its mind/body healing benefits.  It provides the structure for all martial arts practices, focusing on muscle isolation and slow fluid movements which assist in agility.  I remember walking through Chinatown seeing the crew of elders gathering for Tai Chi and QiGong classes early in the morning.  From sight we underestimate the level of challenge because we figure that we have more stamina than most of our elder folks but, don't let the look of it fool you.  It is truly a challenge when you first begin and even though you may consider yourself in good shape, it consist of movements that are so graceful and focused that you feel your muscles in a whole new way.  You actually feel the fibers of your strength and feel things opening and being released.  It is energy work in the truest sense of the word. 

Qi (meaning life energy) and Gong (meaning practice) is a superior method of balancing the flow of "Qi" through breathing, gentle movements, and thoughtful meditation.  With its links to ancient Chinese and shamanic beliefs and divine, even magical revelation, the spiritual side of QiGong is mysterious to folks in the West. Shamans used this work to connect with the forces of nature and the higher powers of the earth.  The connection enabled them to boost their own healing powers.

Tai Chi (pronounced  Ty-chee) is a popular style of QiGong that focuses on the slow, graceful, dance-like movements that I spoke of earlier.  It invigorates the mind and body to a complete place of activated calm.  There are as many as one thousand different exercises, ranging from simple calisthenic movements, meditations, and breathing exercises, to more advanced techniques where Qi flow and healing are affected from a distance.  Other forms target specific systems and health imbalances.  Its almost like experiencing the benefits of acupuncture without the needles.  Both practices act as the "great harmonizers" for the body.

*QiGong is beneficial in:
-reducing high blood pressure
-eliminating toxins and waste.
-increase in circulation.
-balancing brain chemistry and reduces anxiety.
-blocking the damaging effects of free radicals.
-fighting cancer by boosting immune response.
-Relieving chronic pain.

*If you are a beginner, it may be wise to begin with a still meditation class because it is important to master quieting the mind before any cleansing movements can take place.  Enjoy and Be Well...Bless...

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