Saturday, December 26, 2009

Reblog::GOOD, GREEN, and CHEAP: El Yunque Tropical Rainforest

So if you are looking for a quick and affordable way out of whatever city you are in, consider Puerto Rico. There is so much more to see than Old San Juan and whatever Reggaeton artist that you like. El Yunque is the most famous peak in PR, measuring 3,526 feet above sea level. It is the only tropical rain forest in the U.S. forest system. Its important that we take little excursions, every so often, to bear witness to what's left of our natural resources. I went about 2 years ago and it is truly a majestic place, there are over 200 species of trees and they are some of my most favorite things to look at. There are one of the illest waterfalls that you will ever see, its about a 40 minute hike up once you are in the park, so worth the work. El Yunque is composed of four different forest vegetation areas: Tabonuco, Palo Colorado, Sierra Palm, and the Dwarf forests. The typical rainfall is about 240 inches per year. Its 28,002 acres of pure green lushness. Tickets to Puerto Rico are fairly affordable and you can go for about 3-4 days and feel like you had a full trip, because the reality is that a lot of folks don't have time to go away for a week or more. Get creative if your funds are low. Look into staying at a bed&breakfast or check apartment rentals, Instead of paying crazy money for a hotel. Get crew together rent a house, buy and cook your own food, and just make it home for the time you are there. More than anything, we work to live life and experience all that is good and new. Please be present in all of your experiences and get a passport if you don't have one. Being prepared will open the way to all you could ever need or want. Delight in all of your experiences, light and dark. Play everyday.... Bless...Peace...and Be Well...


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PUERTO RIIIIICCOOOOOOOOOOO es mi isla !!!!!!!!!!!!


best post so far.

?uiet Storm said...

So beautiful here...I wanted to rest my had so many days in the forest.