Saturday, December 26, 2009

Reblog>Home Births: I mean, why wouldn't you?

Blessed Spring to everyone!!!! I know that I'm a bit late but, its still cold in most places so, I figured I had a bit more time with all the well-wishing. Many prayers of abundance and magic to all this blessed season, can't wait for the sun to make an appearance, for real. Okay, so enough of that. One thing that spring always seems to bring forth besides the sun and new flowers, are new mama bellies and little ones to follow. Though we are living in a time where "green consumerism" and all of its constituents are praised, it seems that there are still a wealth of skeptics when it comes to the issue of giving birth at home. I understand folks being wary in the event of complications but, if you have a midwife who is certified in certain medical procedures and you are healthy, then why not? I made my decision a long time ago but, it had nothing to do with morale or it just being the right thing to do. My decision was purely hygienic. On my way to school I would always see nurses on the train on their way to work and in their uniforms. Now, I grew up in NYC and yes, the trains are known for their speed and 24-hour availability but, they are also known for their smell and their level of filth, that's just real. I am saying all this to say, how clean can the hospitals really be if the folks that work there are already contaminated before they get to work. My mom told me that during the 70's, medical personnel, changed into their uniforms once they got to the hospital, to insure that it was a sanitary environment for everyone. Just the idea of being in a hospital for any reason always makes my skin crawl so, I definitely won't be giving birth in one. On the brighter side of things, I witnessed my first home birth last week. It was one of the most sacred and transformative experiences of my life, I know that sounds like what most people would say but, it really was, and tinged with a bit of Alien accents. It is truly amazing how our bodies morph in order to bring forth life. I had the pleasure of assisting a midwife for a couple of weeks and she has a space in her home where her patients are welcome to give birth, and it helps because everything is in house. It was a lovely time. There were children playing in one room, teas, tonics, and stews being prepared in another, and voices of support and encouragement in another. It was truly a peaceful environment which in turn, put's the mother more at ease. And if you think about the baby, they have been nesting in this warm and floaty environment for about 9months. Why not try your best to make sure that they pass through to a place that is warm, serene, non-threatening, and free of foriegn 4 train bacteria. LOL!!!! For more information on Natural childbirth and the like, please check "Spiritual Midwifery" by Ina May Gaskin. It truly reminds you of all the magical works that are still being done out in the world. Also, for ones in the NYC area or even not who are considering a home birth and have questions, please contact Tioma Allison at She is a registered nurse and midwife with over 20 years experience and has helped to deliver at least 1500 babies. She is truly a light worker in the field and an angel walking. Be Well...Bless

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