Thursday, April 9, 2009

The recipe blends>>Now Be framed>>>

Run to it...Not from it...Lay in the middle of a highway...and Live!!! Our horizon is accessorizing we bred more need
Best believe this be the equation of greed
I need a new car and thus new breaks
Another tune-up with lube
Whatever's put together shall be unscrewed
In times of famine we made more food
Food made more people
It's all explained within the cycle of evil
Would I trade it all?
Cruisin down the highway on a bright summer day
Gazing out a plane to see the earth from miles away
Watchin the patriots win the super bowl
Grabbin that fumble from Ricky Prole
Or my stereo provided me with rhythm and soul
I don't know, all I know is I feel guilt for
Every single thing I've ever bought and sold
I shoulda been at more demonstrations
Planted bombs in corporations
Murdered CEO's and cancelled TV shows
Burned billboards and torn posters
I coulda read more
Finally I get to meet this GOD they left us dead for
And its ill, its power takes the form of a bill
To which people killed by manipulated free will
Conscience be the crucifix a chopping block for poppycock
And I can feel our spirits drop upon these streets I oddly walk
Enough talk! Here's my last chance to cherish a thought
My flesh is fully melted and my stomach's in a knot
Now we're all ground by the grind
Out of luck and out of line, out of signs
And now we're out of time...
Photos from around the world, from Swiatoslaw Wojtkowiak.
Photographer based in Poznan, Poland.


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