Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blessed Earthday: Haile Selassie the I

Hope that this message finds all feeling loved, grateful, inspired, and having learned at least one thing worth repeating... We always like to take the time to honor those light beings that have impacted us in more ways than one. On this day we celebrate the birth of Haile Selassie the I...making his way to this side on July 23, 1892.. I could go into a whole history lesson but, this is just a spark that lights the way to exploration...Its so beautiful to be born and know that your only job is to fulfill a prophecy and be clear on exactly what it is and how it will impact the world. We all come with that knowledge but, it gets caught in the shuffle, somehow...Please continue to build those empires...command and sit in your seat, fearlessly...All of us..ForTrue....Bless..Be Light..Be Well.

Peter Tosh- Igziabeher

Joy White- Dread Out Deh

Ras Michael- Keep Cool Babylon

Tarrus Riley- One Two Order

Zoot Sims- African Challenge

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