Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blessed Transcendence: Baatin Rasual Rasii...of Slum Village....................................................................Fly>>>

Whether you were a hardcore fan of Slum Village or not, we all in some way bared witness to their musical offerings over the years. Most of us associate their sound with Jay Dee who was definitely a genius spirit who moved on before most of us were ready to bid him a final peace...I found out today that Baatin, one of Slum Village's original members passed on today. The cause of death is not clear at the moment, he was just 35 years old. We just wanted to send many prayers of guidance and light to all of his family and friends. All I have to say is "Pregnant" on The Fan-Tas-Tic Vol.1 is just one of those jewels. Give thanks... Travel Safe...Travel Light...Bless Up......

Baatin has no exact translation, but the closest translation is "what is inwardly hidden, unseen; the thing or feeling that is hidden away from human vision or knowledge.""Al-Baatin". It has no literal meaning, but indicates "the Inwardly Hidden". It also means the One Who is close to His Creation by His Knowledge, Sight and Listening. One of the ninety-nine Attributes of Allah Ta'ala. The work of the inner life is to make God a reality, so that God is no more an imagination; Baatin will be missed. His words helped many become who they are now. Spiritually, Baatin represented the object of the inner life in my view. He was the only MC I ever saw stand in yoga tree posture for 5 minutes during a song.
Although people say they don't know how he passed away, @ 2:58 seconds of this song, you may have an indication.

Respect to Baatin and his little angel, "Aura" pictured below>>

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