Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Government’s New Food Safety Site::::

Did you know Muranaka Farm recently recalled its parsley, and Premier Organics recalled over 800 cases of Tahini last week – both because of potential Salmonella contamination? No, me neither.

If you’d like to ensure you’re not unwittingly consuming contaminated food, stay up to date on the nation’s latest food recalls at – your one stop shop for food safety issues. There are also great tips on fruit and veggie storage. (Although the site recommends not re-use packaging, if you are sensible and thorough with your washing techniques there’s no need to be scared of cross-contamination).

You can also sign up for their weekly newsletter, and get information on potential food-bourn outbreaks delivered to your inbox (virus-free).

Even though most of us don't trust the powers that be, we certainly don't want to deal with a Salmonella outbreak in our apartments. So stay up on there website. Forward ever, guidance everlasting. More HERE

In the meantime from 1979:

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