Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Meal of The Day>>> Pics From the Community!

Peace. If you have pics of your favorite Vegan or Vegetarian meal of the day please email or attach a link for us to post, with a brief description of what you ate. In the meantime, here is a pic from Jamie Fallon IV, and his veggie stir fry dinner from the other night. In the words of Edan (the most known unknown MC), "Meat is what I obstain from to remain one... with organic principles to keep the mind invincible".

And he quotes:

Jamie Fallon IV:

I saw the meal of the day pic of Damu's feast & thought I would send over my dinner from the other night as well as the beat I made on the MPC after eating it."

(click to enlarge and salivate)

Check out the beat that inspired the meal below:


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