Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Get Armed For The Cold Season>>>

It always takes for you to get sick, to be reminded of all of the things that you should have been eating, not eating, or taking to prevent premature colds, flu, bugs, etc. I'm just getting over a crazy 24 hour bug and she bit so hard. I was fine one second and the next, I felt like my head weighed 2 tons and I couldn't breathe through anything. The cold just kind of crept up on me, it was just 80 something degrees the other day and today you need a jacket and scarf. It is Autumn, after all. I just remember being little, and thinking, even though it was Fall, we still had a few warm days, it was a smoother transition. You had time to go from the sun dress, to the sweater, and then to the coat. I guess those days are no more, after all the atmospheric projects and everything. This prompted me to thinking about how necessary it is to check your medicine cabinets seasonally, I was not prepared. I had some things but, none of them were for what I had going on. Do a little inventory, check expiration dates and make sure that what you have in stock, you actually use. Most of us can't afford to be sick, especially with the whole political media money circus thing going on. We always suggest a preventative approach, if you begin to incorporate certain things into your daily, you can pretty much skate through the cold without getting one. Maybe the sniffles but, nothing too serious. These are a couple of general suggestions to keep your healing cabinet well stocked. Its also nice to have a couple of extras for when guests come by too. Be Good to Yourselves....Peace

Healing Cabinet Suggestions:(All of these items should be available at your local health food store, Apothecary, or check The Vitamin Shoppe)

-GoldenSeal (you can buy it in powder, pill or tincture form) If you purchase a tincture, it will usually be paired with Echinachea or Astralagus. (both excellent builders for the immune system) Try Quantum or Nature's Answer brands for your tinctures.
-Vitamin C (minimum 1000 mg, double or triple as you need) *Vitamin C assist the body in absorbing other vitamins.*
-Quantum Brand Cold and Flu Formula: this one is definitely intense, but works well.
-Indian wild cherry bark cough syrup, I think the brand is planetary organics, it is excellent
-Quantum Brand Elderberry/Olive Cough Syrup
-Oregano oil (pill or tincture form)
-Olive leaf extract (pill or tincture form)
-Colloidal Silver (which is a powerhouse like goldenseal, it kills pretty much any infection that you have going on.) Don't overdo it though.
-World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll (Its an internal deodorant in a sense, sends oxygen to muscles thus, aiding in circulation, gives you more green and helps keep everything running smoothly. ) This can be added to at least one glass of water daily, about a tablespoon.
-Floradix brand liquid iron w/ herbs
-Flax oil:( Add to smoothies, food once its cooked, please refrigerate.)
-Lastly, Dr. Singh's Mustard Bath. If you have a cold or flu this is the best addition to a hot bath. The ingredients are: Powdered Mustard Seed, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Wintergreen, and Thyme. Its lovely before going to bed. Enjoy......

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