Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Importance of Stretching >>>


When we sleep and therefore let our muscles sleep, blood tends to collect in the internal organs, or “splanchnic circulation.” Very little blood is needed in the muscles, or “peripheral circulation.” If on waking there is no noticeable muscular activity, blood very slowly leaves the splanchnic pool, resulting in sluggish circulation to the brain and muscles. The person wakes up groggy, listless, and without energy.

However, three to four minutes of easy exercises, stretching in the morning, while in bed can redistribute the blood, clear away the cobwebs, and bring back over-all tone. Energy comes surging in and the person feels as alert and as full of energy as he might normally experience only well into midday.

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....cHoke.... said...

this is something i really dont do in the morning .... had to get that off my chest .. my mom always told me to do it and i dont. :(