Monday, December 7, 2009


A few years ago I was introduced when Flying Lotus and Gaslamp Killer were making noise on the fresh coast. Now the foundation is even more firm and up steps GonjaSufi from the camp. Enjoy and stay aware. Bless. Walk with Grace!

Gonjasufi / Ancestors

Gonjasufi / Holidays

Gonjasufi / Candylane

"Enter Gonjasufi... a mystical individual caught between the Mojave desert, the LA streets and somewhere more cosmic. His soul-baring vocals are something to behold - described by friend and collaborator Flying Lotus as "Timeless Incredible Filth" --Warp Records

7inch Out Now
Holidays / Candylane (7WAP268)
Includes 20-page gold foil prayer book
Only 700 copies worldwide

See Bleep or your local stores.

Check the prayer book and packaging below>>>


Earth Balance 1 said...

Right on time. I'm diggin' it. Beat Entrapted me in the first 5 sec's of the song.
Where can I get this? What album/EP is it from? Does gonja have a proper album out? amazinggggg music :) rhythm all i love itttt why is good music so unrated nowadays

Earth Balance 1 said...

Good Winter Tunes. I saw him here in the west and he had his back to the crowd. Real Internal.