Monday, December 7, 2009

Moon Magic::4 Herbs for your medicine bag::Ladies::

The moon makes us mothers so we must honor her with what we give her...Our moon or monthly cycle in its necessity, can be one of discomfort, for some. The reality is true, "we haven't got time for the pain" but numbing ourselves out with allopathic over the counter painkillers, isn't a solution either. We are all guilty of popping an Aleve, Tylenol, or Advil at one point or another. The residue that remains in the system, as a result is not worth it, in truth. In healing with nature, you have to believe in it, the energy that we give it, will be the one it produces in our bodies. In working with herbs, we have to trust their healing, kind of like we trust that the Advil will work in 2hours. I offer you some alternatives by the way of herbs that produce the same, if not better results. And they are just better for you. I am so thankful to know the power and magic of Valerian, Dong Quai, White Willow, and Cramp Bark. All truly powerful and naturally occurring, and we all appreciate that..Bless and Feel Good....


Valerian is native to Europe, South Africa, and parts of Asia and was introduced to North America. It relieves insomnia, stress-related anxiety, stomach and menstrual cramps, and migraines. It acts as a sedative and can have a tranquilizing effect, so its best to take it when you have truly created space to relax. I can remember taking Valerian in a tea and minutes later feeling very warm and comforted. It puts you out, you will definitely fall asleep, but you will wake up relieved and calm. Its truly a memorable herb, with its magic comes a deeply rooted smell. Its hard to explain what it resembles, you just never forget it. Don't let that discourage you though, its a powerhouse and very necessary. Valerian is available in tea, tincture and pill form, you'll be off of Tylenol in no time. Its not suitable for ones that are pregnant or breastfeeding.

White Willow

The use of white willow bark dates back thousands of years, to the time of Hippocrates (400 BC) when patients were advised to chew on the bark to reduce fever, menstrual cramps, and inflammation. It has been used throughout the centuries in China and Europe, and continues to be used today for the treatment of pain (particularly lower back pain and osteoarthritis), headaches, bursitis, tendinitis, etc. White willow contains salicin, which is a naturally occurring component, similar to aspirin. Several other components of willow bark: antioxidant, fever reducer, antiseptic, and immune booster. Ones pregnant or breastfeeding should not take white willow and also if you are allergic to aspirin. Available in tincture, dried, and powdered herb form.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai, also called Tang Kuei or The Supreme Women's Root, is a native of China. Its a member of the carrot family..Its root is brown and fleshy and has a flavor similar to celery. It is a favorite in Chinese female tonic recipes. It boosts Chi energy and strengthens the body's vital force. This herb has a whole range of health-enriching properties. The nutritional and healing constituents of Dong Quai include: vitamins A, B3, B12, B-complex, C, E, Calcium, Iron, zinc, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, and selenium. It relieves, bloating, menstrual and stomach cramps, PMS, menopause, it stimulates the production of red blood cells, and its an all around heart tonic, amongst others. It also enhances bone marrow properties, which helps increase defense against osteoporosis. Dong Quai should be avoided by ones with Diabetes.

Cramp Bark

Cramp Bark is a deciduous tree or shrub that is native to Europe and the eastern U.S....It is a member of the Caprifoliaceae family. Other names for cramp bark are: king's crown, high cranberry, may rose, gaiter berries, guelder rose, amongst others. It is antispasmodic (relieves muscle spasms), anti-inflammatory, nervine (calms and soothes the nerves), hypotensive (lowers blood pressure), astringent, and helpful in treating excessive blood loss during our cycle, if that is your experience. It is used to treat endometriosis and threatened miscarriage. Cramp Bark is high in vitamin c.

Please make these an addition to your medicine bag, in that, I mean a little herbal kit that you carry around in your bag or purse containing a combination of healing ointments, salves, oils, balms, tonics, herbs, and powders that are to assist in your healing or someone else's. I try to keep certain things in my bag at all times, you never know if you"ll run into a situation where someone may need that strength. Good ones to incorporate: golden seal, tea tree or oregano oil, raspberry leaf, or valerian, calendula or arnica. In becoming our own healers we have to spread the magic and teach others to do the same... Bless..peace.....



Sista...thank you. My mom put me on to Valerian when I was 12. Its super strong but does the job. Thanks given for a good read all the way here in London. I have to order herbs from the states and while I was doing a search this great read came up. Appreciate the minimalism and honest yet random thoughts here on this sight.

Jessica said...

I needed this. No question what we as women have been using for so long is off. Each one teach 2