Tuesday, March 16, 2010

aS wE..Decay>>>beautifullyश्रद्धांजलि❍


Photos by @ foureyes (55 фото) 47




BoomWaDiss said...

Let There Be Light !
With smoke !
To the All !
( : - )

TomTheInsomniacMagMan said...

I cant wait for this to be our reality. The World will not end at 2012. It is just only speculation by so called imperfect scientist or human.
May be some kind of disturbance change would take place. but The world will not going to end at 2012. So do not worry at all.
The perfect science about the future of the world is describe in VEDIC SCRIPTURE. and there it is mention that World will going to last at least minimum 426000 years more. but this is also only just change of millennium. So do not worry at all. 1