Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friends or Foes? Companion Planting

Before you plant, it's helpful to figure out which plants get along well with each other.

>> What are the benefits of Companion Planting?

The idea behind companion planting involves planting different kinds of plants together so that they benefit and help each other grow.

The main benefits of garden companion planting are:

1. A natural method of pest control, and
2. A higher produce yield in your survival garden.

>> More about Companion Planting

Many plants have natural substances in their roots, flowers, leaves etc. that can alternately repel (anti-feedants) and/or attract insects depending on your needs. In some situations they can also help enhance the growth rate and flavor of other varieties. Experience shows us that using companion planting through out the landscape is an important part of integrated pest management.


Surely1234 said...

Fresh...I never knew about this but it makes sense. I feel like the sun is closer to the Earth lately. A lot of my plants are browning on the edges. Whats that about?

Anonymous said...

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