Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble feat:: Bilal::

He's just so smart and tasteful when it comes to marrying folks and their sounds...Flying Lotus..ThunderCat..and of course Bilal...all of the musicians involved are all truly anointed...Enjoy...BlessUp

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble "Someday We'll All Be Free" feat Bilal from MIguel Atwood-Ferguson on Vimeo.

Download this track for FREE!:

<a href="">Some Day We'll All Be Free feat BILAL by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson</a>

Recorded live in Los Angeles at Grand Performances, California Plaza July 23, 2010.


fatbellybella said...

this was a great post a great way for me to catch the true creativity of brother Bilal. Thanks Yeshima :) lol.


Yeshimabet said...

Indeed MamaFish...blessUp...and keep swimming....