Saturday, December 4, 2010

〓〓DAMU ON DRUMS, Pt.2 (MPC Version)⊿◤◤◤◤◤◤◤◤◤◤

Washington DC's own Damu the Fudgemonk ends a 36 city tour with Led Zepplin and Questlove and took time out to record a new "DAMU ON THE DRUMS" video. Damu's drum skills evolved from a lifetime of paying dues, having nomadically labored for decades at various orchestral concert venues from Maine to Alaska - singing and performing in his spare time - before re-settling in his hometown Washington DC and eventually finding a musical home at the MPC Player. In his distinctively rough-hewn timbre one hears the unmistakable voice of experience - each note and gruff inflection and reflection of his extended, sometimes rocky, personal path. It's only fitting that Supply For Demand producer Damu (also a member of The Damu the Fudgemunk Sextet or "Wonka Quintet") is recognized in jovial a kindred musical spirit - a drummer whose performances exude both raw power and poignant beauty. Recorded at _____ Studios, and mixed at Redefinition Records' internationally revered "________" Studios, Damu on the Drum is the inspired sound of an awakening.Et pour présenter leur procusione opus!!!!!!!!hahahahaha


@pnutbuttanjames said...

dude. glad you tweeted this. been waiting for a new vid. LMAO at the write up! Jokes and jokes

RonnyDepth said...

too much music for one day