Monday, December 6, 2010

red winter tea

perchance the air is warm in your area...but here in banneker city, the temperature has dipped into the mid 30's. this tea contains spicy cayenne and red chile to warm the body while ginger dually aids in circulation and warming. red fruits and herbs in general are good for the blood, veins and/or circulation.

large pot w/ a few liters of clean, pure water
toss in a
large handful of hibiscus flowers, dried or fresh
one dried red chile
small handful of pitted cranberries, dried or fresh
big pinch of ground cayenne
five cardamom seeds
several slices of fresh ginger root

cover and bring to a boil
after about 1o minutes, the tea should be a rich, cloudy red
let cool and carefully strain the tea
taste. if its too bitter for your buds, add some water to thin it out
& finally, top your cup with a slice of blood orange

Enjoy Every Season


WendyDay said...

a must! thanks for the inspiration

fatbellybella said...

i like :D