Monday, March 7, 2011

██_█████_THE STORY EP is KING's debut project||||||||||||||||||||||||||


We wanted to post this last week but got a little busy. THE STORY EP is KING's debut project, wherein all songs are written by Paris, Amber, and Anita, and fully produced by Paris. THE STORY, SUPERNATURAL, and HEY are the result of a year's worth of loving and learning, experiencing and experimenting, and ultimately finding the music within themselves.

The Story by weareKINGworldwide

Supernatural by weareKINGworldwide

Hey by weareKINGworldwide


TheBrooklynBratt said...

My goodness what happened to that thing we called music.

Simone said...

"Hey" has been on repeat since last night... ;o)

SupernalOne said...

nice neo-New Wave sound (is that a genre yet?) - heavy funky beat and cool ethereal

ZATIOND said...


Apecksha said...

Beautiful. They sound like 3 little dragons. Magical magic.